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Tagged by :iconpoka-sorm: and :iconmindless-corporation: to do ubama boobot Umani.

I've never done a tag before but ALRIGHTY!

Character: (HL OCT) Umani Plasma by JamesOfGoo


1. Post 8 facts about your character.

2. Tag 8 other Characters.

3. Post their names along with their creator's avatars

(I'll split these into facts about her origin and fun facts about herself.)

History Facts:

1. Umani's design came from a dream I had almost a year ago.
F1 by JamesOfGoo
The dream was about Umani (who wasn't named at the time) breaking out from some sort of horrible prison to play basketball against the cast of The Office. However, Umani's team was short-handed, so they recruited the people from Parks and Recreation to face off against them.

However, the other team never showed up, so they cancelled the game and had lunch together instead. Umani had a wonderful conversation with Chris Pratt.

2. Umani's current design in her reference is based on how she was in that dream.
Fact2 by JamesOfGoo
When planning her entry for The Haunted Library OCT, I decided to keep her design somewhat close to the original drawing. Main things changed included details on the arms, legs, and torso. She also used to be thinner.

3. She may have some redesigns planned in the future.
Fact3 by JamesOfGoo
I love her current design a lot, yet there's always the thought if there's room for improvement. Plans might include making her a bit less stiff, giving her a face, and perhaps even the ability to use text-to-speech. Gonna see what fits best in the end, but mainly keeping it under wraps for now.

4. Although a full reference sheet was designed for the Haunted Library, she's been around for a while now.

Her name and her origins have been developed well before the OCT, but she never had a finalized design until it was decided she'd be joining the library. Although most of the characters she's familiar with aren't fully designed either, this can be said at least:
Facts4 by JamesOfGoo
If Umani meets Matryoshka, something will happen.

Fun facts:

5. Although she's not one for wasting time, she's very curious and is willing to give most new things a try.

For instance, she'd go bowling once for fun, but never go bowling for fun again, saying it's something she had already experienced. Repeated trials "for science", however, never hurt.

She'll usually watch a movie or read a book, note her thoughts on what she gathered from it, and never watch/read that particular media again.
Facts5 by JamesOfGoo
Umani's been known to binge-watch popular TV shows without warning.

6. Her backpack is attached to her with magnets.
Facts6 by JamesOfGoo
Didn't seem to be an important detail, but she keeps her backpack on her with small, strong magnets. The button below the back of her neck would disable the magnets, but it's locked, requiring administrative access. She can turn these magnets on and off by herself with programs, saving the need to reach behind her for the button.

7. Umani enjoys singing and dancing, but can't do it very well herself.
F7v2 by JamesOfGoo
She keeps great rhythm, although she can't show it very well sometimes, she definitely has it.

She doesn't have a voice, but she can "hum", resembling those videos with music created with floppy drives.

8. Her movement with most of her body is somewhat stiff.

This is mostly the reason she doesn't dance very well. Notably, this includes her arms and legs. It's a little difficult to explain, but how about this?
Fact8a by JamesOfGoo
Ref 1: Her arms are incapable of rising above her shoulders fully, but otherwise bend as they should.

Ref 2: Her knees don't bend easily, so when walking, she moves her whole leg forward. They don't really go much farther than the length measured.

Fact8 by JamesOfGoo
Ref 3: Her knees can twist her feet 360 degrees around. This is part of what helps her quickly adjust her weight.

Ref 4: Her head can also look around in any direction except directly upwards, including behind her.

Also I meant it when I said she's always calculating perfect balance, she can balance herself on one finger.
Fact8b by JamesOfGoo

Mmmmm, I see some of you are tagged/have been tagged already so I'll only be tagging a few of you:

:iconxrsjaru: - A Scarecrow
:iconcruxia: - Cruxia
:iconempj: - Mimi
:iconeaglespan: - Luna/Boa

You guys don't gotta do 'em though, but everybody else is welcome to if they like!


Hello there, artwatcher!

I don't post art often, but I do like to draw sometimes and I hope you'll enjoy what I make!

Not much about me otherwise, I draw some things, play a lot of games, and uh... other stuff. That's about it pppffff

I do have a great friend here on deviantart though, :iconpoka-sorm: she's a great artist who helped me a lot, and I recommend taking a look at some of her stuff here as well!

Thanks for looking!


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